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    Sriracha Architects & Engineers Co.,Ltd.(SAE) to be founded in 2001 to provide the services in architectural and engineering. As all known that the eastern seaboard area is expanding for Industrials, Commercials and Communities growing so the main purpose of the company is serving clients as above in this location.

    The company is one of among Sriracha Holding Group which has various business such as properties, printings and medias, computer and IT systems, advertising, website and graphic design. The main principle of company is to provide engineering services of the best quality and adhering to the highest professional standards. SAE is pleased to serve both public agencies and private corporations.

    SAE has successfully completed various of projects. The capabilities and experiences in different disciplines result in company’s services as follows:

    : Preliminary and Master Plan Studies
    : Engineering Investigation
    : Building Design, Supervision and Management
    : Conceptual Design / Technical Surveys
    : Cost Estimation
    : Preparation of Tender Documents & Bid Evaluation
    : Building Inspection
    : Construction & Project Management
    : Manpower Supply for Technical works

    SAE is particularly concerned that projects are completed on time and within budget. It is the practice of the company to appoint a project team under the leadership of a project manager.

    Our team is selected for technical skills, even in the tight schedules which are set by client’s requirements. Paying close attention to the specific needs of the clients procedures can be selected so that the required result can be achieved.

  • Logo Background


    Logo Background

    The purpose to build the bridge is for crossing any obstacle such as river or hill, for helping in communication among people since the old time, and supposed to be like this for last.

    By meaning, bridge could be compared with the tools to solve the problems and brain storming.

  • About Sriracha

    About Sriracha

    Address :

    Sriracha is far from Bangkok about 100 km., from Sukhumvit Road turn right at km.118. Sriracha was a quite familiar for vacation in summer time for the past 50 years which Pha-daeng beach was well-known as Bang-Poo beach. Pineapple is very famous fruit till todays.

    In the past, Sriracha was a part of Banglamung district. About last 100 years, Banglamung had been moved to Bang-Pra, and Bang-Pra had been changed by the government rules. So, Bang-Pra to be located in Chonburi and gathered with Panatnikom, to be called Muang Chonburi. ฺBang-Pra became to a district in year 2434, and in the year of 2446 Bang-Pra city hall had been moved to Sriracha, so the name had been changed to Sriracha since then.

    The founder of Sriracha was the Field Marshal Surasak Montri, who was be compared with the Executive Director for King Rama IV. The FM Surasak Montri was a board director for Srimaharaja Company (The first Thai company to produce plywood). He lived in Sriracha until the rest of his life. His house had been modified to be SEASIDE, a well-known restaurant chain (S&P).

    Todays : Sriracha is only one district where are the location for 2 of 5 refineries of Thailand (That Oil & ESSO), 2 Petroleum terminals (PTT & Petronas), 4 Industrial Estates of Chonburi (Laemchabang; Sahapattanaphiboon; Hemaraj and Pintong), and the biggest seaport which is normally called Laemchabang. With these reasons, Sriracha become the central for tons of work for everyone.

    Sriracha is one of the education center where is be located for several famous schools such as Assumtion School; strong for education, sports, music and won for many prizes by nation and world class. Moreover, there are 3 public universities (excluded private university and others institute), 2 are located in Sriracha which is Kasetsart University on Sriracha campus and Technology Rajamonkla on Eastern campus

    Sriracha is one of the big medical center in Chonburi. The Thai Red Cross was founded by Queen of Rama 5, Somdej Prapanwasa, when she came to meditate herself from the allergic. Somdej Na Sriracha hospital is one of two which is managed by the Thai Red Cross (another one is Chulalongkorn hospital). There are two more very well-known private hospitals such as Samitivej Sriracha, Phayathai Sriracha, etc.

    Life after work

    Sirindthorn football stadium is one of the standard football yard where is located in Assumtion School Sriracha. Also, this place belongs to a famous football Thailand premier league, “Chonburi FC” (Chalam-Chon=the shark). Furthermore, there is variety of sports for your selection in each day, such as golf, tennis, badminton, swimming pool, bowling, jogging, walking, or even just sit down and relax in the public park nearby the sea.

    Todays, Sriracha is very well-known for downtown Sriracha to be called Sriracha Nakorn as location itself is on Sukumvit road and Robinson Department Store (Sriracha Branch) is here as well. Sriracha Nakorn is so convenient for both communication and transportation, hundreds of offices, shops, restaurants and banks are in this area. It will be took only 1-2 hours to go to Bangkok from here.