Beware of Plywood Door!

If look through the past, we will found that 99% of houses were build from wood, and of course, the doors as well. The teak was normally used to made for the doors as that time there were a plenty of forest in Thailand. Teak is the best of wood as the good quality and the beauty, but todays, it is very hard to find the teak or others kind of wood. Even you could have the wood door and the price is also expensive, that’s why wood doors were replaced with the plywood. The plywood doors became so popular as they are much cheaper, much lighter and the beauty which could be seen clearly.

Generally, there were 2 kinds of plywood : one for indoor use is Non-damp proof and another for outdoor use is Damp proof. Not only different on price, but also the specific quality which could be described by the type of glue to used on processing. If you refer to the illustration here, please be careful as both are look alike. There are 2 grades for the plywood, one conform to Thai industrial standard (TIS 192-2538) and another is not or QC not passed. The difference are inside, flaw and size, but the price is so attractive for buyers, which these things you have to make sure for the proper use. If thinking about money saving, never use it for outdoor.

After 1997, the Tom Yum Gung crisis, it is the time for the newest type of plywood or should be correctly called “Pulp-Plywood” which become very popular. It’ s always called “M door panel” (MDF-Medium Density Fiberboard). They were made from chips of trees such as Pine, Rubber wood, etc. which are remain from the paper production. These material is fed to the grinder and mix with glue, then made into doors. There are several designs available for your selection and your budget. The MDF is quite beautiful but it’s non-damp proof type.

Cause of the reasonable price that made MDF door become popular among Thais. However, there is another type called HDF-High Density Fiberboard which is more stronger than MDF but most of them are export to overseas. Of course, HDF is much expensive than MDF or others plywood door, but my opinion is “all of them is proper for inside not outside or damp place”, even though the manufacturers brag that it ‘s OK for damp . This is the most important point. Please make your decision with care or you may try and take a risk .