Project Planning, how does it important? Why we need it.


Asuccessful project is like a chain, in which they are as strong as the weakest link. It would be trouble just a little thing happen and could make consequent that impact to the overall project.

What is a definition of ‘PLANNING’? Everyone is known how important the project planning has for the project management chain.

Planning can be defined as managerial activity concerned with deciding:-

  • WHAT it is to be done
  • HOW it is to done
  • WHEN it is to be done
  • WHAT resources need to be marshaled to do it

Basically, the planner shall have a tool to assist them to handle this complex of work, such as Bar chart, Gant chart, CPM or whatever. The favorite one that most of you familiar with is ‘Bar chart’ or ‘Gant chart’. They will itemize and sequence the work activities by representing their work durations in bar line in which relative to time scale.

Fortunately, even you are not the professional one but you can find computer software to run it for you.  A simple software interface help us a lot to follow step by step to produce your own project plan.

The famous one is ‘Microsoft Project’ in which they come up with version 2007 now. But whatever tool you decide to use it, the important thing is to understand the basic of planning. Like you want to go to the Phuket, you can go there in many ways, drive your car, fly with air plane or even keep walking! The selection of planning tools is the same. Each one has pros & cons to consider and also the sort of project you are running.

The planning is endless process, after they are implemented, as of ‘Upstream’ control; they also need a process of monitoring or ‘Downstream’ control ensure that everything alright, no deviation from the base line. Welcome to a world of planning.

ผู้เขียน มีประสพการณ์ทำงานด้านก่อสร้างจนถึงปัจจุบัน 20 ปี กับ International Construction Company ผ่านการทำงานโครงการก่อสร้างหลากหลายประเภท (อาคารสูง โรงงาน ถนน ทางหลวง สะพาน ทางแยกยกระดับ งานอุโมงค์ โรงงานปิโตรเคมี) จะได้นำประสพการณ์ที่ได้รับมาแลกเปลี่ยนกับผู้อ่าน

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