Plant Facility (Bayer)

Substation Expansion

Owner: Bayer Thai Co.,Ltd.


Location: Map Ta Put, Rayong

Client  :
Sriracha Construction(1994) Co.,Ltd. (EPC Contractor)

Designer: SRIRACHA Architects & Engineers Co.,Ltd.

Scope of Work:

1) Building Design
Project Description:
This project is for the paper production expansion for 100,000 ton per year.The new buildings are located next to the existing ones of TUPI#8,the project consists of the following

1.Paper Plant No.9: 3 storey Building 22.5 m W x 264 m L x 26 m H (12,000 sq.m)
2.Waste Plant No.9: 3 storey Building 30 m W x 48 m L x 26 m H (3,000 sq.m)
3.Warehouse No.9: 1 storey 16 m W x 102 m L x 16 m H (1,600 sq.m.)
4. 3 sets of Conveyor Pit
5. Civil engineering work such as 3,000 sq.m.Of pavement,stormDrainage,waste water,tank foundation, etc.

Project Area:1,000 sq.m.

Building Area:
1.Building area:19,000 sq.m.
2.Pavement area:3,500 sq.m.

Building Cost:
200 million Bahts (exclusive of machine and building Service system)

Project Duration:
November 2005-December 2006

800x450 Bayer - 05