Building Inspection (2) (July 2007)

Pursuant to the article ‘Building Inspection’ as appeared in our Real Estate column, February 2007 issue there have been many readers who showed interests relating to the regulations governing the inspection of buildings and sent in questions on the subject. We therefore would like to add further detail on the subject in this issue.

In accordance with the Buildings Control Act Section 32 (2) owners of :

1. A tall building, an especially large building.
2. A building with many residents
3. Buildings stipulated in the Ministerial Regulations
3.1 Theatre
3.2 Hotel with 80 rooms and above
3.3 Entertainment place with space of 200 sq. m. and above
3.4 Condominium or building with many residents with an area of 2,000 sq. m. and above
3.5 A factory with more than 1 storey and utility space 5,000 sq. m. and above
3.6 A sign board or any construction for the installation of a sign which is more than 15 m. in height above ground level; or a utility space more than 50 sq. m. and above; or a roof top sign or a sign attached to a building with utility area of 25 sq. m. and above

Must arrange to have an engineer or an architect, as the condition dictates, to inspect the building described above, to inspect the condition of building, the structure of the building, the various electrical equipment assembled in relation to lighting system, warning systems, fire prevention and fire fighting system, danger warning system when there is a disorderly gathering, ventilation system, drainage system, waster water treatment system, mechanical systems or other systems of the building that is necessary to protect against the various dangers affecting health, life, body or assets.

A report of the inspection is to be made to the competent officer of the locale. This, in accordance with the standard, method and conditions stipulated in the Ministerial Regulations and the competent officer of the locale shall inspect and consider the building in order to issue the inspection certificate or to order an amendment or alteration to the building or equipment as the case maybe. This inspection shall focus onthe condition of use and safety as the main criteria. The inspection of the building and equipment assembled shall be divided into 2 sections

1. Major inspection is an inspection of the building and equipment assembled that must be undertaken every 5 years and
2. Annual inspection
Please follow up on what an actual inspection for its contents in the next issue.

Published in Pattaya.com Magazine Issue July 2007