Children in the house, Should be careful of…

“The future of a Nation is in its children”. In Thailand, Children’s Day always be held on the second Saturday of January; therefore in this edition I would like to mention something which hopefully will benefit a house with little children or will have one or more in the near future. Of course, what you should be concern about when there are children around..

1. An accident about chance that toddler or baby may falling down the stairs is the most be concerned by the Westerner, which become the popular question for the first set up plan of the house. In this case, therefore, a child’s door could be installed to prevent such falls and it could be removed when the child is over the age of danger of falling down the stairs stage.

2. For another point to be careful about the stairs is when the children are at the playful and inquisitive age, climbing here and there on their own will be the most fun for them. Make sure the stairs, railings and props are sturdy and strong and are placed not more than 15 cm apart. The must not be footholds for the children to be able to climb the stairs railings, i.e. all railing props should be vertical.

3. All the keys should be placed in order for easy reach in case of an emergency, but at the same time, must keep away from the children as there might be the necessity of having to unlock a door inadvertently locked by a child. The choice of lock may be the “Privacy Lock Doorknob”, for doors in heavy use by the children where the lock can be opened by a coin slotted into the groove provided for such eventualities on the door knob.

4. Another item regarding doors worthy of note is the “Door Closer” which should be installed where there is heavy through draft that might shut forcefully and possible cause children in dangerously. Besides a door closer will enable the door to be automatically closed softly and prevent the door to slam shut if left ajar.

5. Floor materials in child care area should be avoided for the followings:-

5.1 Hard material such as stone, concrete, tile, because these material can cause injuries.
5.2 Toxic material such as rubber tile with a mixture of Asbestos, a substance that can cause cancer.
5.3 On a wooden floor special attention should be paid to ensure that there are no bur or sharp angles or corners.
5.4 Mirrors should be mostly avoided, but if unavoidable, choose Tempered Glass, because when it shatters, it breaks off like pebbles to eliminates the danger of sharp edges.
5.5 Materials in the carpet category as these absorb dust and dirt and might contain sharp bits hidden at the installation stage that might be harmful to the feet of small children.

6. The “electric plugs” is one more item that is so attractive for the children. It is natural for their inquisitiveness and try to put tiny fingers into plug holes. I would like to suggest a kind with ‘close-open’ plate be adopted to eliminate this danger when the plug is not in use. An electrical cut-out system is also recommended for the household.

I hope that this article would be beneficial to a greater or lesser degree to the parents of the children, it is up to us grown ups to ensure the healthy growth of our children, the national treasure. Happy Children Day!

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